Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

New cluster at Rancamaya Estate: Bogor Balcony!

Just opened, new cluster at Rancamaya Estate: Bogor Balcony...

Bogor Balcony is located at the front side of the estate, very near to the entrance gate. Prices start from IDR 288 million, including VAT. That is a very very low price for a high-class housing like Rancamaya. You need to be hurry on this, since there are only a very limited number of houses available.

Please find the details below:
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xxx sold out! xxx

Bogor Balcony price list and site map:


Should you need further information about Bogor Balcony or other clusters in Rancamaya, please contact:

Phone: +62.818.915161
email: sharlie_isk2 [at] yahoo.com